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How well is your checkout performing? Could you improve your basket size, decrease your abandonment rate and increase your profits? Find out with our Ultimate Checkout Checklist.

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Getting paid is the priority for any business. But as with everything in your business, you need to constantly measure your checkout’s performance to make sure you’re getting bang for your buck.

With our free Ultimate Checkout Checklist, you can quickly evaluate your customer journey and checkout performance, set achievable targets, and plan for success.

Discover Limepay

With Limepay’s clever behind-the-scenes technology, you own your payment process so you can boost your brand. There’s no redirects, extra logins or friction, minimising cart abandonment. And with flexible payment options, letting customers pay in full or in four (with customisable payment amounts and dates), you can grow your average cart size too.

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Accor 30sec
Domain 30
Sportitude 30sec

Personalised payments

Real-time customer verification keeps your checkout smooth, speedy and secure. Our intuitive checkout recognises returning customers, making things even quicker for your regulars.

And customer insights

Our dashboard gives you a complete overview of every transaction and every customer. With all that insight at hand, you can discover what makes your customers tick, so you keep them coming back for more and turbocharge your customer lifetime value.

While we handle the hard part

We take care of all the payment logistics with smart data management and fast customer verification. We help your customers manage their payments with amounts and timelines that suit them. And when things go wrong, we handle collections with no added risk, cost or hassle for you.

“The beauty about Limepay is it allows us to control our own data. We can see what our clients are doing and cater for them.”

James Giff

Sales Program Manager, AccorPlus

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